Solar Panel Cleaning

solar panels on dark roof with blue sky

Chemical Free Cleaning

Looking for a solar panel cleaner in Brisbane? We offer a chemical and detergent free system that harnesses the power of pure filtered water with scrubbing, cleaning and polishing brush heads. Put simply - clean solar panels are a must for any home, as dirt and grime prevents the entry of sunlight into the solar cells!

Being exposed to the elements can leave your panels dirty and covered in organic matter and debris, reducing their efficiency over time. It tends to happen gradually so you may not even realise it's happening until you see a significant drop in effectiveness.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of solar panels has been shown to enhance productivity, efficiency and performance, and can ensure you get the greatest cost savings and benefits.

solar panels on roof cleaned

Pure Water & Non-Abrasive Brush

Solar panels need to be cleaned in the very same way you would clean a hard to reach window - with a non-abrasive soft brush head and pure water to avoid streaking. It is vital that the right amount of pressure is applied with the right brush and water with all trace elements removed, so your panels are maintained with care.

We access the panels at close proximity so we can clean them with the best technique and remove all traces of dirt and grime to make sure no residue is left behind. Before and after photos are also provided to each client so you can see the transformation for yourself!

We recommend solar panels are cleaned every 6 to 12 months, depending on where you live and the level of dirt and pollution experienced.