Reliable Window Cleaning

At nice & clear window cleaning, we take pride in a quality clean ensuring you have clear windows to see through.  We use both advanced pure water system technology and traditional window cleaning methods to ensure your windows are taken care of.  Give your local window cleaner a call, enjoy your view nice & clear again!


Residential Window Cleaning

Clean windows greatly improve the appearance of your home.  
Selling your home and moving out?
Present the place as best you can and get the windows professionally cleaned.  
Love your home?  Keep it looking great and get a maintenance window clean.
Having clean windows can also improve your health.  How? Not only does the buildup of mold, mildew and dust get washed away, but cleaner windows let in more sunshine which is proven to lift your mood and improve health.

cleaning services

nice & clear are your go-to window cleaners.  We are a local window cleaning business that takes pride in providing a quality clean and service.  While our name is really about window cleaning, that’s not all we do.  We can also assist you with house washing, solar panel cleaning and low pressure cleaning.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Appearance is important for businesses. Dirty windows not only detract from your products and services, they can make clients question the business’s professionalism and cleanliness.
nice & clear can ensure that your windows are kept clean.  We offer weekly and monthly services so that you can focus on what your business does best and leave the window cleaning in good hands.

Call nice & clear, your local window cleaner and have peace of mind knowing your business is looking its best.